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Educational Workshops

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At Sacramento Street Medicine, we place tremendous value on the education and growth of our teams. To help improve upon our skills of direct medical care, interaction with patients, leadership, and more, we've done our best to routinely host workshops from renowned professionals in their respective fields. Check out some of our past workshops below!

Addiction Medicine 101: Treating Substance Disorders on the Streets


January's workshop was hosted by two of our very own addiction medicine physicians, Dr. Phil Summers, who is our Medical Director and runs the Addiction Medicine Fellowship at UC Davis and Dr. Taylor Nichols, who is an ER physician and leader out of UCSF and serves as our Director of Strategic Initiatives.


Withdrawal Based Suboxone Taper

Bernese Method Suboxone Taper

Slower Suboxone Bernese Method Taper

Macrodosing onto Buprenorphine

Micro vs Macro Buprenorphine

HOUSED BEDS: Gathering a Mindful History on a Person Experiencing Homelessness


Street Wound Care 101: Providing Wound Care

on the Streets


HOPE Cooperative: Connection in the

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